Monday, August 22, 2011

Earning the Kibble

It was back to work (new school year) today, and I started a new job. It was exciting to work with some phenomenal new people, and have lunch with a friend from my previous position. But...I still missed Dan and the pups and the sun on my face. It was truly a joy when I got home to see all those eager faces at the gate, welcoming me back to the pack. At first, they were just barking, but as I called out to them, they recognized me and fifteen barking dogs became fifteen wriggling, wiggling backsides. Ah, how I love them!
Later, after all of the hellos were said, the work clothes shed for worn t-shirt and sweatpants, we were ready for our walkies in the field. Lola the blind min pin led us through the gate and took off running - how nice that she can safely run at full tilt without danger!! Obie and Skylar, the rat terrier brothers, played tag in the crown vetch, hopping and leaping so they could see each other to give chase. RooRoo, the baby, wants to be just like his big brothers, so he was tearing around after them, weaving in and out of the vetch like a professional kangaroo. Then he took off on his own, zooming around and around. His joy was so infectious that Teddy, the old puppy mill chihuahua, began making his own silly loops around the field, backside tucked under, tongue hanging out, and running like a maniac. Tired from their shenanigans, we all walked back to sit in the yard, Twig and Olive playing ball with Dan. Suddenly, our little Pekingnese Truvy started dancing and playing with her unstuffed toy - we call toys Truvy's "babies" - shaking it and prancing around with it. She even started soft-mouthing Dan's hand to get him to play with her - very soft-mouthed, as she only has two teeth! Truvy has really found "hundenruhe" (dogs' peace) this summer. Her itching is under control thanks to some great shampoo, so her hair is growing in thick and lush, and she has become spunky and silly. Her head is no longer tilted, and she can walk in a straight line - a huge improvement from when I first met her and Chris at FluffyButts was getting her rehabilitated after living in a puppy mill for nine years. I went inside to make dinner, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw Grammie Esther's blanket making it's way outside. It was Truvy, being silly and sneaking off with Esther's blanket!!
After dinner, Dan and I sat outside with the dogs, he again playing with Olive, Twig, and Truvy, and I rocking Obie, Roo, and Mimi on the patio swing. As the shadows lengthened and the lowering sun gilded the trees and turned the cut oat straw to spun gold, the evensong of the meadow birds serenaded us.
And now, with crickets chirping in concert with the constant rumble and rattle of snoring pups, our day ends at Hundenruhe Haven. I'll return to work to earn the kibble to start it all over again tomorrow. "Day is done...gone the sun...from the the the sky. All is well...lay thee rest...God is nigh."

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