Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fun Fundraiser!

I just got back from having a great time with the nice campers at Nature's Villa in Palmyra, WI. My mom lives there year around, and the other folks are there from May to October. I have a fondness for karaoke, and the equipment to run a show, so I went down to do a little karaoke show with them on Saturday night. This was my third time doing this, and we decorated the clubhouse with poster-sized blow-ups of some of the dogs' photos - it looked so cool to see all my past and present furkids up there on the walls!! I'd never mentioned the sanctuary before when we did karaoke (you all know how I hate tooting our horn!), but my mom and some of her friends thought that if people knew about what we did, they would want to help. They were right! I told the nice people who attended about Hundenruhe Haven, and by the end of the night these kind and generous folks had donated enough money to feed and medicate all the dogs for an entire month!! Thank you SO MUCH to the campers at Nature's Villa - I had a blast and I hope you did, too!

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