Thursday, July 14, 2011

We need some help

Roo Roo and Lola's vet bills have really put a big hole in our funds, along with a big repair bill on our transport Jeep. I hate asking for money, but if you can help, we'd sure appreciate it. I've started a chip-in (hope it works, never tried this before). Anything that you can spare, would be used exclusively for the vet fund. Thank you!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

T is for Trouble

Teddy, Barry, Baci, and Lola have discovered that it is outstanding fun to crawl inside of this dog bed and play inside. It started out as a tiny hole, and then became this:
This is Teddy showing you how to get inside and enjoy yourself! Usually, he comes up when I call him with just his head poking out - like a kayaker! But of course, today he wouldn't come out because I had the camera handy. Silly little bear!

He slept like that for a good twenty minutes after I took this picture. Bless his little heart...

Obie and his Bone

Obie is having such a wonderful time with the bones I bought for the pups from Miesfeld's Meats in Sheboygan. He even sleeps with them! Maybe if I show the butcher this picture he'll give me a discount next time!

Snuggling Pups

There's been quite a bit of bed sharing since Barry and Roo came to live with us. Barry, you may remember, came with Cubby, who sadly left abruptly for the Bridge. But Barry is really coming out of his shell now, he's talking to us ("Give me more peanut butter, please! Pet me now, please!"), he's running with a bounce in his step, he's got a girlfriend (he and Lola are quite an item - never far apart!), and he is sharing his bed with the other pups, especially Roo and Teddy. It is so gratifying to see a dog really reach "hundenruhe" (dogs' peace) here. Here's some cute pics to make you smile...
Barry, sleeping alone and with RooRoo
With Baci
And with RooRoo and Teddy
And a couple more with RooRoo - notice in the last picture how there's lots of empty beds all around, but they choose to sleep together. Too sweet.