Sunday, September 4, 2011

Go to Bed in Summer...Wake Up in Autumn!

Brrrrr! It was chilly when we woke up this morning to a gorgeous dew-dappled day at Hundenruhe Haven. Yesterday we had to have the air conditioners on for a little while when the heat and humidity got intense, and today the windows are only open a crack for fresh air. The dogs are all finding the sun spots on the floor in the house, and the brave few are laying on the deck in the sun. It is warming up, so it should be a very pleasant day, despite the chilly start.

Though it was raining in the morning yesterday, so I couldn't take Baci on the moped to the market (took the car instead), we still got out for a little ride into town later in the afternoon. Dan took a couple of pictures of us for posterity...isn't Baci the cutest thing ever??? He loves to ride with me, and his Doggles protect his eyes from flying debris and allow him to keep his eyes open and enjoy the ride. He doesn't want them on when we are stopped for any length of time, but doesn't fuss at all while we are on the road. He's such a great companion. Olive has always been my traveling companion, and when we adopted Baci he started joining her. However, Olive enjoys getting out in public less and less as she gets older, so I don't feel bad leaving her at home where she'd prefer to be.

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