Friday, August 5, 2011

Run Free, Miss Crabby Coco Bean!

The lovely neurotic Coco has slipped quietly on her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. We took her in to see Dr. Jeff this Monday to see if she could handle another mammary surgery and dental, and found that her cancer had metastasized to the extent that it was causing her pain. Dr. Jeff couldn't be certain that we could manage her pain, and said that she had only about a month, even with pain management. We helped her along her way, and she was so relaxed and at ease. We miss her loud and irrational protestations of Mimi and Twiggy's occupation of the furniture, her 5:00 am wake-up calls (and then going back to bed once the whole household was up), and the tick-tick-tick of her toenails on the floor. Run free, darling.


  1. RIP, Miss Coco! Your penchant for being an early waker-upper (and then going back to sleep) reminds me of one of my babies.

  2. The sadness I feel about Coco's final journey is lessened a bit by the look of pure contentment on her face in this photo. Thank you Jodee & Dan for showing her what it meant to be truly loved and that there are kind people in this world though not nearly as many as we need! ~SHERI~