Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Dan and I hope that 2010 will be the best year ever - for us and for you! May your pockets be filled with wealth, your homes filled with love, your hearts filled with peace, and your couches filled with puppies!

Escaped Again!

Tom and his girls apparently felt they had escaped another year's holiday meals, because they came ambling up the hill to the front door yesterday. I'd never seen them this close before! Earlier in the morning, they were in the back dog run, hopping up and down (literally!) and trying to get out over the fence. Dopey creatures forgot they could fly! Once one of them remembered, out they all flew. A few hours later, they came trooping up the drive, up the hill to the house, and hung out on the lawn for about 20 minutes! Only when you live in the sticks can you see this kind of entertainment!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello, Nala!

Nala came to live with us today! Her mom, Sue, and two human "brothers" brought her down from Stevens Point to her new home here at Hundenruhe Haven. She is a complete and total DOLL, and we are enjoying her already. Nala is fourteen and a half, but you'd never know it by the sparkle in her eye and the joy with which she has been exploring her new digs. She did great meeting the other crazies, and doesn't she just look so precious with New Year? (he's on the right) Nala has settled right in, letting crabby Twig hog her bed, but being happy to settle on her blanket next to me while I write about her on the computer. I am looking forward to getting to know her and all her quirks and charms. We are so lucky that Sue trusted us with her - Welcome to Hundenruhe Haven, Nala! [More pictures from Nala's first day can be found at: ]

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Farewell, Sadie

Our beloved Sadie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Monday at the age of 17. She went to the doctor for a dental, and a large mass was discovered in her abdomen while she was there. It was bleeding internally, so we decided to let our precious girl go.
We called her "Sadie No-Trouble". She was a darling, darling rat terrier girl. Though she suffered from a wee bit of dementia (had her "spells", don't you know!), she still froliced behind me like a little filly when we go for walkies in the big field. She had just discovered pets in the last year, and was constantly at our fingertips . Sadie thought that Baci was her baby, and was often nearby, keeping an eye on his royal tininess. Her human mom passed away, and we were so happy that she was able to find her way north to Hundenruhe.
There will always be a hole in our hearts without our girl, but we know that she truly found "dog's peace" here. What she gave to us was immeasurable.
We love you, Sadie. See you at the bridge...