Wednesday, April 6, 2011


She looks so innocent, doesn't she? Little did we know what chaos she could cause...
Lola is our new resident Houdini! She made it out of the compound three times yesterday, and four times today. For a blind dog, she sure can find the tiniest hole in the fenceline and wriggle through it. Once Barry found out that she could do that, he started following her so that he could go on adventures, too. Poor Dan - he had to try to watch her to find out how she was getting out. Once he identified one of the holes and blocked it, Lola found another! Ai yi yi!! So after school today, I found myself hauling 500 lbs of gravel, moving a dozen or so bricks, and devised an ingenious solution to the gap where the gate meets the fence. Whew! I'm pooped! Tomorrow is another day...and another patrol of the fenceline by Ms

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  1. Jeepers, Lola! Where ya trying to get to, girl? Don't ya know you are already at the best place you can be?! ~Ant Cat