Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Does Anybody Read This?

Just wondering....I write this mostly because I love to write, and I love to write about the pups. But I was just wondering if anyone really reads this blog? Please respond and let me know if I should continue to publish...


  1. I'm sorry, lady - I've been bad. Work has been busy and I haven't had time to check in as much as I want to. I can say that I've enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the wonderful pics, but I also know how busy you are and that keeping a blog up can be time-consuming. You'd better stay in touch through the FluffyButts chat room, though, or else I'm going to FluffyButt you like crazy (I just did - so there.) Hugs!!! ~Catherine

  2. Thank you for your efforts. My olde Sheltie had to be helped over the Rainbow Bridge a year ago, and it was excruciating to lose my friend of 15 years. I give her the credit that we managed to raise 2 fine sons. She taught them compassion & the truth that it is OK for a man to show tenderness.
    The last year was sorry & grim, although my Deary was in excellent spirits. It was me who suffered.
    I think taking care of elderly & beloved pets the way you do is admirable.
    During the last 3 years of my dog's life my motto was: Everyday may bring a new problem, that just means we keep looking for new solutions.
    Your blog helps fill that huge hole in my heart.

  3. I definitely want you to continue your blogs I look forward to them! Makes my days brighter!!!!

  4. Thanks, friends. I will continue to blog - for me, and for anyone else who likes to hear about our crazy life! :)

  5. Jodee, Yes I read it. I know how busy you are and understand it can be awhile before you get updates on here, but I look forward to the antics of the pups. Ms. Lola, now where did she think she was going? And, Barry, little booger, you tell him to stay with Grammie Esther!

  6. Glad that you love to write, it's a real effort for me (I like to talk though :)) I like to hear about the dogs, the thought of salvaging a life is so great. As I don't have your patience, I adopt wandering kitties, they are so much less needy, however, they do eat a lot, so off I go to Fleet for another load of kitty chow.....