Saturday, April 23, 2011

Prayers Requested

Cubby is fighting for recovery. He came to us (unbeknown to us) with two breaks in his jaw, a chip in his cervical vertebrae, and disc issues in his lumbar vertebrae. Dr. Jeff has trussed him up in this jazzy cast (cleverly incorporating a plastic cup), and we are treating him with steroids and pain meds. Cubby is in a lot of pain when he moves, so we are keeping him as still as possible. He must be hand-fed and watered and held up to eliminate. If the treatment works, we are looking at several weeks of recovery. If not, well, you can guess. Please add your prayers to mine that the steroids will reduce his inflammation and allow him to recover from the breaks.


  1. Keep fighting Cubby! We are all praying for you!
    -Toni, Nate and "kids"

  2. Hang tough little man! You have so much love coming your way.

  3. The third picture I see Cubby saying don't give up on me yet. Something in his eyes. We"ll all keep praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS!