Monday, April 25, 2011

Goodbye Cubby. We love you so!!

 Cubby and Barry were with us for a little over a month, from a neglect situation in Iowa. All was going very well, until they were neutered last week. Something happened during Cubby's surgery that exacerbated breaks in his jaw and spine that we were all unaware were there. The past week has been tortuous, as we tried to manage his pain, and immobilize him so that his spine could heal. After the last three nights without sleep, trying to give him comfort and find a comfortable position with no success, we made the difficult decision to let him go. There was no good solution - let him go and feel like I didn't try hard enough, or watch him suffer with no way to help him. Usually I am much more philosophical about letting a dog go, but Cubby was different for some reason. Perhaps it was because he was so young (6), and I let my guard down and fell in love with him because I thought he'd be with us for a really long time. Whatever the reason, I am crushed. Thanks for the love and support both during his struggle and now. I know that a lot of you were pulling for him, and I genuinely appreciate your care for us and for Cubby. He is free from pain now, and that's the best I could do for him.


  1. We are crying with you, Jodee. Bless you for taking such good care of little Cubby. I'm thinking of little Barry, too - I know he'll miss his brother.

  2. You did everything you possibly could for Cubby.Please don't think that you didn't do enough! I hope Barry doesn't feel too lost without him and am thankful they were taken out of the abusive situation In Iowa and found their way to you no matter how short the time! Hugs!