Sunday, September 20, 2009

Welcome to Hundenruhe Haven!

Well, I'm going to try this blogging thing again. Hopefully, it will be a place to keep everyone up to date with the sanctuary. Pass along this link to your friends, so they can keep up too!
Today is gorgeous on the farm. It is a lovely, autumn morning - the last cutting of hay is in huge rolls in the field, the trees on the ridge are changing, and the thunk, thunk of walnuts hitting the steel roof can be heard all over the land. The dogs and I took a lovely walk through the crisp leaves and sparkling dew this morning before heading back inside to get everyone fed and steep a lovely pot of Zen tea to start our day. Even New Year the greyhound managed to get his arthritic hips and knees going this morning for a short burst of chasing Roody in the field. The peace and contentment surrounded us this morning and I am filled with gratitude for the blessing of another day with the dogs here on the farm.

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  1. Lovely. lovely new blog, Jodee! Your description on the farm wanted me running over with my two dogs to romp in the fields and have tea with all of you.
    As always, I so admire all you do for animals and consider myself so privledged to know such a beautiful soul that you are. I'll share your blog on my blogs and will share it on my Facebook page, as well as Frankie and I will twitter about it too. Can't wait to follow along!

    Barb & Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog