Friday, September 25, 2009

Da Boyz

These are my "little men". We've had Oberon (Obie, on the left) and Skylar (Skye, on the right) since they were six weeks old. I can't believe that this week they will turn 8 and officially be seniors with the rest of the crew. Obie is a little "off" and must take meds for his anxiety, and Skye is the boss of the pack here - sometimes a little too bossy! When they were tiny, they couldn't sleep without each other, and now they want to be as far apart as possible. Obie has always been my little "tank" - chunky and cuddly - constantly rolling over for belly rubs, and loving to rock on the outdoor swing. Sky has always been my "smoochie" - kissing and pushing his way in to give his version of puppy hugs - pushing himself against you as tightly as possible. They are a joy, and were the only puppies I ever purchased (or will purchase) from a breeder. They are rat terriers - a challenging breed - and are no healthier or have any better temperaments than those pups we have rescued. a pup...adopt!

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