Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sophia's Choice

Sophia came to us with her sister Iggy (who we renamed Peggy) when they were 11. They had been the consolation to two children who lost their father in a tragic accident, and when the kids went to college, their mom decided that she didn't want the dogs around anymore. So sad. So, Peggy and Sophia came to Wisconsin from Indiana along with Rudy. Unfortunately, Peggy came to us with a rare form of lung cancer, and died within a month of arriving. Some good did come of her death, though, as our vet was able to learn about her type of cancer and let her go peacefully while she was under anaesthesia. Sophia is now nearly 14 and continues to charm our household with her throaty bark and silly wiggles. In the picture above, she is using New Year as a pillow. Sophia lost 17 teeth in her dental two weeks ago, poor darling. It hasn't slowed down her eating, though!

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