Monday, September 21, 2009

Here's Tulip

Tulip entered our lives after a sad start. She spent the first fourteen years of her life without a name, a breeder beagle in Iowa. When her puppy-making years were over, she was turned loose to fend for herself in the fields. When the local sheriff tracked down her owner, he claimed the younger dog that she was running with, but wouldn't accept Tulip. Tulip found herself in a temporary home in a one-room cabin, filled with cages of other puppers. Rescued by caring friends, and transported by Jean and Dave, Tulip found her way to Hundenruhe Haven. We named her Tulip (LuLu or Tulli for short). When she arrived, she was in pretty tough shape. Her teeth were worn down, she had spinal spondilosis, a fracture in her spine from being kicked or hit by a car, double ear infections, and she was quite underweight. She didn't know how to play and didn't know that being petted was a good thing. I am happy to report that Tulip is now the poster pup for Hundenruhe Haven. She is 16, runs and plays (including playbows), hunts down imaginary rabbits, checks the fenceline daily, and loves to be petted and kissed on her forehead. Hundenruhe Haven gave her a name, a purpose for being, a warm bed, and love. She gives us her sweet smile, gentle gazes, and undying loyalty. A fair trade.

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