Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reflections on Rescue

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Barry and Lola


Meme and Barry


My Boys - Baci, Roo, Teddy, & Barry

Over the past week, I was reminded of the goodness of people. Though sadness, carelessness and cruelty are a large part of what is experienced in rescue, the wonderful part is some of the dedicated and big-hearted folks that make a difference in the lives of these abandoned animals. I could write pages and pages about the woman in Ohio who runs a sanctuary for farm animals, or the group of volunteers who have never met in person who work to save senior miniature pinschers, or the individuals who give up evenings, weekends,and family time to make calls, share on Facebook, walk dogs at the shelters, or arrange transports. The list is endless of compassionate human beings who use their talents to help animals.
This week I am especially heartened by "meeting" (on the phone) Theresa Strader, founder of National Mill Dog Rescue. We are anxiously awaiting two former puppy mill dogs from NMDR, who rescues thousands of dogs from puppy mills in Missouri every year and starts them out on their new lives in loving forever homes. Despite this being their biggest weekend of the year, the day of their annual Open House, Theresa made time to talk to me on the phone, make sure the dogs that are coming to me got their veterinary needs taken care of, and found volunteers willing to get them to their transport pick-up. Daily she must overcome heartache and tragedy to make happy endings for the dogs she loves. I am in deep admiration and gratitude.
I also met Tom (again, via telephone and internet), a trucker with a heart as big as his rig. Tom volunteers his cab and his care to dogs needing a ride across the country - he's bringing Tessie and Bergen from NMDR to Effingham, IL, where Dan is meeting him to pick them up. Tom has helped hundreds of dogs to freedom - all as a volunteer whose only reward is the satisfaction of helping the dogs who need him. It brings a tear to my eye to know that he is out there on the road, with a dog or two keeping him company, heading for their new lives. may not even know it when you meet them at work, or on the street, or at your kids' sporting events. But if you do discover one, please thank them...they deserve our gratitude for the love they are quietly adding to the world each day.

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