Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Rainbow Bridge Just Got More Crowded

Winter is so hard on the old ones, and seems to bring about challenges to their previous maladies. We lost three residents within the last month and our hearts are heavy with their loss. Moses the chi, our recent addition had to be helped to the bridge and the following day Sophia the Italian greyhound joined him. Both succumbed to kidney problems that wasted their bodies. And today, Shae the beagle also fell victim to the same fate - kidneys again. Despite special diets and, near the end, cooking anything that they will eat, after awhile they just get too nauseus to eat. And what the protein they do eat is leaking out with their urine.
These were three sweet, sweet dogs. Shae was with us for a year, Moses only a month, and Sophia for five years. They will always live on in our bruised and battered hearts.

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