Sunday, June 3, 2012


I am so blessed to work with some wonderful colleagues. One of the very best is the person that I work most closely with, my partner in the gifted and talented program. Coincidentally, her name is also Jody (though spelled with a "y")and both she and her husband, Chad, are kind and generous people who give of themselves without reservation to their friends and family. Chad and Jody have passed on their compassion to their two daughters, Madison and Katherine. These delightful young ladies have birthdays in the early summer, and upon hearing what Dan and I do here at the Haven, promptly told their parents that they would like to do something different at their respective birthday parties. Instead of presents for themselves, they wanted to ask their friends to bring something from the Hundenruhe Haven wish list to give to the puppies. Isn't that amazing?! I was so delighted to convey a load of cleaning supplies, blankets, towels, and paper products to the Haven on behalf of the dogs from Katie's friends. These little things add up so quickly to our expenses, and the donations from the Girl Scouts coupled with the new supplies from Katie's birthday party really help. Maddie the animal lover is next... I really hope the girls and their parents will be able to come out to visit the recipients of their generosity and goodwill this summer, so the oldies can thank them in person (or dog-son)! Many, many thanks dear ladies. The dogs and I are so grateful!


  1. Amazing! You and Dan deserve it. I am so glad the girls are being taught to "give" selfishly.

  2. Oops! And us being in the education field! Should have been "selflessly" ?