Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ah...Ruhe (Peace)

I haven't had much time to write lately - the demands of three jobs plus running the Haven have kept me from all but the briefest comments on FaceBook lately. But this weekend, I found some time to just Be Still, instead of constantly wrestling with my thoughts. And what I discovered was... birds singing. the first fireflies of the season. a campfire crackling and mesmerizing me with its dancing flames. the rush of wind in the trees. a hawk circling overhead...and being chased away by the blackbirds. flowers (and weeds!) blooming in my garden, and all over the property. a yellow butterfly (certainly Olive!), playing with Bella - and Bella playing with her. the caress of a soft breeze on my cheeks. the tinkling of the wind chime made of the tags of dogs gone on the the Bridge. (see photo above) marshmallow stuck to the bottom of my flip-flop. the soft sighing snore of an elderly pup on my lap. the hypnotic comfort of sitting on a yard swing with pups on either side of me. Truvy the pekingese dragging the soiled towels out into the yard - helping with the housework that is going undone whilst I sit on the swing. As I encounter the many firsts without my little heartdog Olive, I am reminded again and again of the blessings that are mine if I just listen. And just Be Still.

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