Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thanks Girl Scouts!!

Baci, Lola, Bella, and I stopped in to visit with the Girl Scout Troop that meets in Kiel at their gracious invitation. These delightful young women and their leaders made us feel so welcome! We chatted about dog rescue, taking care of dogs, and loved on the pups that came along to visit.
The reason for the invitation was that these compassionate and generous leaders of tomorrow elected to use some of their hard-earned cookie money to donate to our vet fund! Can you believe it? I feel so confident that we are in good hands with these future leaders, who believe in kindness and service to others.
The ladies also learned how to make snuggle sacks and made twelve new snuggle sacks for the Hundenruhe Haven dogs to cuddle up in! Great work!
We made some new friends and hopefully the ladies had as great of a time as the dogs and I did. Hopefully, we will get a picture of us all together to post in the next blog entry.
Thanks for having us!

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