Saturday, January 28, 2012

Racetracks and Runways

Today is Saturday. Generally, it is one of the best days of the week for me - even though it involves lots of housework and cleaning! This morning was no exception. I was wonderfully self-indulgent today - staying in bed with Baci and Bella until 8:30, listening to the wind sweep off the fields and batter the house. Even though I knew it would put me behind schedule for the day, the time spent with them cuddled together in bed is time that cannot be retrieved at a later date. It is becoming more and more essential to live in the now and take advantage of every precious moment.
As we lay in bed, I could hear Dan already out and about, shoveling the couple inches of snow that fell last night.
Starting down the steps with a pupster under each arm, I realized that Dan was outside longer than usual, so I peeked out the window and had to grin. As he does every winter, Dan had not only shoveled the usual deck, patio, and sidewalks, but also an elaborate racetrack around both of the big trees in the backyard, so that Twig and Mimi could do their several-times-a-day chases. It is hard with tiny old dogs to get them enough exercise in the winter, when we can't get to the outer fields and the snow is too deep for their stubby little legs. They also don't want to freeze their nether regions when they go out to eliminate, so Dan makes sure they have plenty of shoveled area in which to comfortably do their ablutions.
As the pups ran or ambled outside, depending upon their infirmities, the sun shone down on their customized playground. Simple things that we can do to make our dogs' lives better...they may require a little extra effort, but the dividends are immeasurable! Enjoy your day and stay safe - I'm going to put in another load of dog bedding, and pour myself another cup of tea!

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  1. hahaha - Dan gets points for this! Stay warm!