Sunday, September 12, 2010

Extreme Makeover - Hundenruhe Edition

Well, we didn't get picked for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition Wisconsin home makeover. Another teacher and his family in Neenah were selected and received a really wonderful home last month. However, we weren't left entirely out of the loop! Our dear friends Halvor and Teri (really chosen family members) made our dreams come true over the past two weekends by surprising us with a new deck/front porch. The front door was the only door left unprotected from the outside world, but it is unsafe no longer! Halvor and Teri (with a tiny bit of help from Dan and I) built this amazing front porch with a doggie-safe gate. It is SO beautiful and I can rest easier now, knowing the pups can't get out.
Yet another miracle for us here. I am so blessed by these wonderful people in my life - and then they go and do something so incredibly generous and sweet. I know I don't really deserve this kind of love and kindness, but I am so grateful for them, and for this gift.
Here's what it looked like before, with its ancient cement slab steps and rickety iron railings:


  1. This is awesome!! I love it!

  2. Thanks! We do, too. We could never have been able to either afford or figure out how to build this. Many happy tears were shed because of their generosity.

  3. Awesome!! That's how I felt when Bo and Chad came and built the doggie deck at my house. We are lucky. :~)