Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumn has Arrived!

Brrrr! It was 48 degrees this morning! The snap of fall was in the air, the squirrels are trying to get in the basement to store their nut supply for the winter, and the walnut tree is pelting us with nuts. We don't quite have color on the trees yet, though the trees whose leaves just turn yellow and drop are showering us with every gust of wind. The dogs always have the hardest time adapting to the temperature change at this time of year. Later on in the winter, they will have built up their resistance, but right now they shiver and tremble with every damp step on the lawn. So, it's time to break out the.........sweaters! Some of the pups seem to be able to keep up their body heat without a problem, but a few need a little help. We got some beautiful handmade sweaters at YorkieStock in Iowa this summer, and our dear adopted Granny Scrapkins (Gloria) also knitted some sweaters for the kids that we love. I went out this morning and took these pictures of the kids as they enjoyed the gray and blustery Sunday morning at the Haven. There's lots of enjoy!

Sophia and Baci

Obie cleaning Olive's eyes. He feels that this is his responsibility, and does it frequently. How cute is that?
Shae the Beagle
Shae and Sophie with Twig

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