Thursday, August 19, 2010

Paws-ing for Gratitude

I am so grateful...I had a wonderful summer with Dan, and school is starting up again next week. While I would love to be retired and hang out with Dan and the pups all the time, I am SO thankful that unlike many teachers, I have a great teaching job to return to this fall. I have the best students on the planet (can't wait to see you guys!!). And finally, finally, my Baci is starting to feel more like himself and little Teddy is eating again. I was so worried about those little fellas!!
So, feeling a bit more contented and grateful for my blessings, I decided to finish off my tattoo yesterday after working at school. Here's what it looked like originally...
and here is what it looks like now:
I got this tattoo on my ankle in May, and it didn't seem quite finished, so I added to it yesterday. The dragonfly represents (in the Native American tradition) those that have passed on before me and overcoming a big challenge, the starfish represents how I feel about working with kids and dogs (the Starfish Story), the pawprints are Olive and Baci (one is slightly larger than the other) and the other heart dogs who have been part of my life, and the musical clef heart is for my love of singing. I think its done now, though I am considering another tiny Teddy print...


  1. Okay, Ant Jodee - be careful wif gitting more paw print tattooes, or yoo'll end up wif paw prints aw over! Wuv, Wookie

  2. Thanks for the advice, Wookie, you are quite right, which is why I didn't get that one yesterday. Though maybe that would be kind of cool...I would have to go back into my records and figure out how many pups we've had at the sanctuary. That's a lot of paw prints!