Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Ready for my Stroll on the Boardwalk by the Shore...

Ah, Coco. What a character! She's feeling better now, so she's begun to notice that she has stitches and has been trying to scratch them out with her back foot. So, rather than putting an e-collar on her, I asked Dan to pick up a baby undershirt from the store to cover up the stitches until they heal. He came home with this...

Hahaha! Isn't it perfect?! It is one of those matching Garanimals shirts for kids...and it fit her like it was made for her! Doesn't it look like she's about to go strolling on the boardwalk in Atlantic City at the turn-of-the-century? Now if they only made doggie-sized parasols, picnic baskets, and boater straw hats!


  1. Coco, you look mahvelous! ~Ant Cat

  2. LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! She looks adorable!!