Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Sweet Nala

Lovely Nala went to join the others at the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She was such a dear soul - no trouble at all. We never even heard her bark! Nala was always tolerant of the little dogs - when they tripped her, or bothered her, or even (as in the above picture) stole her big-girl bed and she was left to make do with the smaller beds! There is comfort in knowing that she had a comfortable and peaceful life here at Hundenruhe, enjoying her home-cooked meals, walkies in the big fields, and long naps. Nala also did not have to endure a long, drawn-out illness. She was fine yesterday, running in the fields and eating her dinner. We think that there was something neurologically wrong with her that worsened during the night, as she could not stand without falling over this morning when she got up to go potties. Dr. Jeff gave her a very thorough examination, and we all decided to help her to the Bridge. She passed to the other side while lying in my arms. Run free, Nala-Bala Washington!

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  1. Beautiful Nala...what a lucky girl she was to have landed with you.