Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Biking with Baci

Well, I've decided to get back on the bike and try to shed some of this ton of weight I've gained in the last three years. Baci was looking so sweet, I couldn't leave him at home, so he's become my riding buddy. He has a specially designed doggie bike basket in the front, and is safely clipped in. When we go down hills, he closes his eyes and tips his head back. Ahhhh, the wind in my face, and the bugs in my teeth! Of course, we don't go very fast very often, as I am still a bit of a slug in the saddle, but we are having a nice time together! Stay tuned for more episodes with Biker Baci!


  1. Mom and I so love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can just picture Baci closing his eyes with his head back- way too cute!

  2. Well, of course I got the idea from you and Frankie! I always thought it was so wonderful to see the two of you roll up on your bike, so I had to try it, too! Baci is our adventurous one, so he was the natural choice for "guinea pig"! :)