Sunday, October 4, 2009


I had a revelation yesterday. When Roody (shown next to Rudy) came to live with us from Iowa, we tried to figure out a way to distinguish him from the other Rudy that we already had - for calling him, for the vet's office, for medications, etc. We decided that since he was so old, we would just spell his name with two "o's", and refer to him as "Roody 2". After awhile, we started calling him Toody for short. Yesterday I realized that it is the perfect name. Why? Because he has the biggest "tude" (attitude) of any dog that I've ever met! He doesn't see well, so we have to approach him gently so that he doesn't startle - otherwise he growls and bites - no teeth to harm us, but not very nice all the same. He also jumps as high as my shoulder and does a little dance when he is happy - more 'tude! And...he sings! No kidding - he has this high-pitched little song that he sings when he wants to be with us. What a character! Soooooo - Toody it is!

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