Thursday, October 1, 2009


It's coooolllldddd here! I miss the balmy summer breezes, but the chilly nights are wonderful for snuggling and sleeping. I am loving the opportunity to turn on the electric mattress pad warmer, cuddle up with the tinies, and read a good book. I just finished The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown's new novel, and I'm ready to start a period piece, The White Queen. School is in full swing, so life around here has shifted to the other schedule - up by five to feed and out the dogs, off to school to arrive by 6:30, Dan off to pick up kids by six to get them to their various schools, and then he's in and out all day to let dogs in and out. Back home for me after five each day - walks in the field, feeding again, dinner for us, and then a bit of a cuddle in front of the TV before books and bed! Whew! Its a crazy life, but has its own rewards. Happy October!

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