Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feeding the Herd

I have been asked about how we manage getting everyone fed. Feeding the dogs twice a day can be time-consuming, but we have become pretty efficient. During the school year, Dan takes care of the morning feeding, and I feed in the evening. It is important that everyone gets the right food, in the right amount, and has the time and peace to eat it without intimidation. So almost everyone is fed in a dog crate, except for Grandma Esther, Grandpa Moses, Uncle Mort, and Miss Truvy. The oldies that aren't fed in a crate are separated by baby gates so they can eat in peace.
Because I really believe that good food not only makes the dogs feel and look better, but also saves on vet bills, we feed a very high quality diet. I know that I could save a lot of money by accepting food donations and mixing the dog food for the dogs, but keeping their diet consistently of high quality is important to me.We feed two different kinds of dry kibble, depending upon the dog's nutritional needs. Some of the dogs get Fromm's Gold adult food, and some get grain-free bison and potato kibble. We do have a few who, at various times, need some coaxing to eat, so we also add in shredded cheese, cooked hamburger, canned dog food, or canned prescription dog food to those who need it.
Medication is given with peanut butter and spooned into each waiting mouth. Of course, everyone wants "medicine", so everyone gets a bite of peanut butter, whether it contains meds or not! It is quite the sight to see everyone at my feet, jostling for the best position to take their medicine.
All in all, it takes about fifteen - twenty minutes to get food prepared, meds given, and everyone settled in their crates to eat. And only about 5 minutes for everyone to be done eating!
So that's how its done - Bone Appetit!

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