Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is the time of year that causes me to reflect upon the past year and all that it entailed. I don't like standard "Christmas Letters", so I won't regale you with everything that's happened this year (you can look back at the blog for that!). However, I was rather surprised to discover that we've welcomed eight new dogs into the sanctuary's family since last Christmas (Teddy, Esther, Coco, Sammy, Nala, Shae, Foxy, and Truvy), and said good-bye to four (New Year, Nala, Roody, Tulip, and Sadie and our horse Zeke right before last Christmas). Working with the oldies is hard sometimes, because we love them so much and they must go so quickly. But the reward of feeling their love and watching them enjoy the simple pleasures of life makes it all worthwhile.
After much thought, and an applicant who turned down Truvy because of her special needs, we have added Truvy as a permanent member of the Hundenruhe family. She will have her special weekly spa baths, ear cleanings, and grain-free food for the rest of her life here at the sanctuary. Most of all, she will have our love - this quirky little girl has really won over our hearts!
Right now we are trying to get Moses, an ancient, blind little chihuahua up from Dallas, Texas to live here. My sister has really come through with an outstanding offer if all other help fails, but I am hoping someone comes forward to either fly with Moses here to Wisconsin, or drive him up. Thanks, Cindy, for supporting my dreams.
Over the past year, we have been so blessed with friends, both old and new, coming through with their own talents to help us out. We have had a new porch built, a new well-housing built, donations to our vet account, and a few cash donations. We've been turned down by Extreme Makeover Home Edition despite overwhelming support from family and friends, had our furnace die and borrowed the money to replace it, and flooded our barn because of a burst pipe. Through it all, my friends around the country (especially you crazy ladies at Fluffy Butts!) and in the UK (you Terrier Talk folks are amazing!), my husband and partner Dan, and the pups themselves have always kept me laughing and filled with hope. When my cup has run dry, you have filled it back up, and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much!
In 2011, I hope that we can continue to help each other - with love, by sharing our talents, and by supporting each other in whatever way we can.

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