Saturday, November 20, 2010


Well, its been awhile since I've had time to post, so I apologize for the lack of news about the furries here at the Haven! The new furnace boiler has finally been installed, but the in-floor heating isn't yet here, so the pups are still enjoying the radiant space heaters, like Truvy and Teddy are above. Truvy is still battling her skin issues, so she's getting two baths and blow-dries every week, along with two different meds and some special spray. So far, its working - she's itching far less, but it has affected her appetite. We are tempting her with all kinds of goodies, so I'm sure she'll come around soon.
The others are doing as well as can be expected. Uncle Mort and Sophia are really starting to show their ages, now that the weather is chilly. Sophia's sweater is on almost all the time now, and Mort's back is hunched up with arthritis. Several of the dogs are on daily pain medication, and it seems to help the achiness.
We've had an amazing breaththrough with Grandma Esther. We have finally beat the yeast infection that she came with, and she has come alive!! Esther now begs on her hind legs to be picked up and put on Dan's or my lap, and hollers at the dogs if they happen to choose the bed she wants to lay in. What a wonderful character she's turned out to be!
Lately I've been having to turn away so many dogs. It makes me sad to think of all the dogs that are missing their families and homes, and we are unable to afford to take them in. However, all these dogs are living here and enjoying hearth and home, so they at least can experience happiness. I know that I just need to think harder about how I can find more money to help more pups. I think we could probably handle four more here - a total of twenty - if we could just find the money to support them. I will put my thinking cap on...

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  1. Hey Jodee--

    I came across your blog and remembered you from high school. How funny that we both ended up in animal welfare and education! I work at HAWS as the Humane Educator.

    Bless you and Dan for taking in homeless geriatric dogs. Those are the ones that break my heart the most when they end up in the shelter.

    Khris Erickson