Saturday, May 29, 2010

Woof, Y'All!

Introducing...allllllllll the way from Dallas, Texas.....Miss Esther! Thanks to some fantastic women from Texas Little Cuties (You're the best, Leslie and Linda!), Miss Esther has found her way all the way up North to the frozen tundra of Hundenruhe Haven. She is just an itty-bitty little chihuahua - around five/six pounds. We know she's a granny of at least 12 years old, but because she was found as a stray in a creek, then taken to the pound, and then rescued by TLC, we'll never know exactly how old she is, or the extent of her story. I do know that she's just about the sweetest little granny I've ever met! She doesn't have toofers, so her tongue sticks out a little, and it is just so endearing. She and Uncle Mort have the same coloring, and the same toothless smiles, though he now looks like a giant next to her! We are very glad she's here, and I am looking forward to many happy years with Granny Esther.

1 comment:

  1. She's too cute and I think she very well might turn out to be a cougar...She's going to love Chips!!