Friday, March 12, 2010


Here's a happy thought for you: today after school the snow had finally melt enough for us to open the gate into one of the big 3 acre fenced fields. I let all the oldies and youngies out in the field with me for a walk. This was the first time for Sammy (from Little Paws), Miss Coco (also from Little Paws), and 14.5 year old greyhound Nala in the big field, as they came over the winter to Hundenruhe Haven. The delight on the face of Coco when she realized that she was allowed to putz and putter in this huge space was priceless. Nala the greyhound was play-bowing and running, and little Sammy couldn't get enough of tearing around at top speed after little puppy mill rat terrier Metoo (aged 5) around and around the field. All of the rest of the Hundenruhe babies (ten more!) were all doing their own thing and it was marvelous. Tulip (thank heavens she's still with us for now!) did her first patrol for heffalumps and woozles - she was SO happy to get out in "her" field! Twig found several long-lost toys buried under snow all winter and had such trouble deciding which to bring for me to kick across the field for her. Tiny Olive was digging for bunny "prizes" under the remaining snow piles and brothers Obie and Skylar were running back and forth between me and all the other dogs, joyfully leaping and bounding back to Mommy each time. Even the iggies were having fun. Ancient Rudy (17!) was running and barking at everyone he encountered and Sophia walked the fenceline all the way to the end of the field and back. Uncle Mort tottered around doing his Uncle Mort business. We never really know what he's thinking! Little Baci stayed on the porch and watched because he's so afraid of being run over. My project this summer is to try to get him to join us more on our group walkies.
This is the best moment of the year for me every year - that first breath of spring, and the end of puppy cabin fever!

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