Friday, January 15, 2010

Run Free, Racer Boy

New Year has gone on his way, racing to the bridge. His arthritis finally overcame his will and he was unable to get up or stay on his feet. We released him from his pain this afternoon.
He was with us for a little over a year, recently celebrating his 14th birthday with us. New Year was lucky enough to spend his last year with open fields to run in (when he was feeling a bit spry-er), specially purchased giant-sized beds to snooze on, and tons of ear rubs and back massages. New Year was the only dog I've ever met that had temper tantrums. When someone else was on his bed, Newy would stand next to the bed and mournfully look from the bed to one of us, barking and stamping his front feet. The world was too small to contain his huge spirit...

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